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Marcum PC Law Firm

State and Federal Courts

LitigationLitigation almost always arises as an unexpected event in the life of a business or an individual. The Firm’s principal attorney has over 20 years of experience litigating matters in state and federal courts throughout Texas. We use our knowledge and experience to help clients make informed decisions and strategic choices to achieve their litigation goals.

Our practice areas include:

  • Intellectual Property
  • Product Liability
  • Injuries / Deaths
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Construction Defects
  • Automobile Collisions


Many products are thought to be safe when they were designed or manufactured. However, future circumstances can sometimes lead to lawsuits alleging a product is dangerous or defective as designed or manufactured. Product liability is a sub-section of the firm’s Litigation practice. We help clients develop and implement the most

Our Clients

Our clients include individuals, manufacturers, importers, energy companies, construction contractors, entrepreneurs, engineers, and architects. We represent businesses and individuals who need help protecting their legal rights through litigation, mediation, arbitrations, or settlement negotiations. Efficient strategies for dealing with product liability lawsuits—whether in state courts, federal courts, or multi-district litigation matters.

Protecting Your Interests Through Litigation

When parties cannot seem to settle a dispute outside of court, a litigation attorney may advise them to litigate the matter in court in order to reach a resolution. As such, even when the best efforts are executed to avoid court, sometimes litigation is necessary. Litigation usually ensues when parties can no longer negotiate with or without an attorney’s assistance.

At Marcum PC, we are dedicated to representing clients at the state and federal levels, in both state and federal courts. In the event that you cannot reach an agreeable solution with another party outside of court, our litigation attorney has the knowledge, tools, and resources to help you successfully solve the matter in court. Our team of attorneys place great importance in helping you navigate the legal system while achieving your objective.

Whether or not your company is being sued or the one bringing a lawsuit, the key is to address the issue with an experienced litigation attorney at your side. A litigation attorney will ensure that your rights are respected and protected. At Marcum PC, helping you protect your best interests is our priority. If you become involved in any type of lawsuit, our litigation attorney can provide you with guidance, aggressive advocacy, and invaluable counsel. With offices in Houston and Dallas, TX, our team of professionals is readily available to serve and represent clients throughout Texas.

Product Liability

When people consume or use purchased products, they expect those products to be designed and manufactured with safety in mind. Moreover, they expect those products to be properly and accurately labeled to reflect warnings of possible dangers and instructions. Unfortunately, even when all safety measures and precautions have been met, product accidents and injury can occur. Consequently, manufacturers, designers, and sellers can be held liable for injuries due to an alleged defective or unsafe product. When such incidents happen, it is imperative to consult with an expert product liability attorney. At Marcum PC, our product liability attorney can help you build a strong case and litigate the matter in court.

Commercial Contracts

When a commercial contract is breached or being disputed, at Marcum PC, our commercial contracts attorney is ready to represent you in court. Hiring a commercial contracts attorney shows others that you will not give way and are prepared to enforce your rights. We understand that settling contract disputes outside of court is not always a viable solution. When that is the case, our commercial contract attorney will aggressively litigate the matter to protect your best interests.

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