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Intellectual PropertyProtect Your Intellectual Property

If you are an entrepreneur, protecting the welfare of your business is critical. Within many businesses, there is often intellectual property of some kind. Protecting this aspect of your enterprise is paramount, and with the help of an experienced attorney, you will know the proper steps to take to keep your intellectual property safe.

At Marcum PC Law Firm, we are committed to obtaining, protecting, and enforcing the intellectual property rights of our clients. While a complicated area of law, there is no question that the professionals at our firm know what it takes to effectively manage any intellectual property case we come across.

What Is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind that are used in commerce. This can include:

  • Inventions
  • Designs
  • Literary and Artistic Creations
  • Names
  • Symbols
  • Images

An IP lawyer that is familiar with this area of law will be integral in helping you identify which intellectual creations are worth protecting.

Types Of Intellectual Property Rights

There are various types of intellectual property rights, and they all serve the same purpose: to enforce the rights of the creators and owners of intellectual property. While they all serve this central objective, they all do so in very different ways.


Patents give inventors the right to exclude other parties from making, using, offering for sale, importing, or selling their inventions in the United States. There are three different types of patents: design patents, utility patents, and plant patents. Patent attorneys play a major role in helping their clients protect their products efficiently and sustainably.


Trademarks include any symbol, word, name, or device specifically used to identify goods or services. They also indicate the source of those goods or services. Trademarks can be images, words, sounds, colors, and more. To get started with the trademark process, it is recommended to speak with a trademark licensing attorney.


Copyrights protect any creative medium of expression. This can include artistic, musical, literary, dramatic, and other intellectual works. With the help of an experienced copyright lawyer, you can be sure that your original work is secure for generations to come.

Trade Secrets

A trade secret is proprietary information utilized by a business enterprise. These are protections for business and technological intelligence that are maintained in secret. Intellectual property attorneys are key in ensuring that trade secrets remain protected at all costs.

Marcum PC Law Firm: Our Distinct Approach To Intellectual Property Law

Offering our clients in Dallas and Houston, TX the best intellectual property services available.

Intellectual property is an exceptionally complex area of law that should be managed by a professional. An experienced intellectual property attorney will play a major role in helping you establish clear and productive goals for your business.

Whether you are in need of the best licensing lawyer or copyright infringement lawyer available to you, Marcum PC Law Firm has you covered. With years of professional experience in our field, we have helped countless clients achieve lasting protection for their intellectual property.

If you are seeking intellectual property and copyright lawyers in the Dallas and Houston, Texas area, look no further than Marcum PC Law Firm. To get started with a proactive legal plan, please do not hesitate to contact our firm for a free initial consultation.

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