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Have you fallen and experienced a significant injury due to the negligence of another? There is an endless list of possible personal injury claims, but one of the most common is a slip and fall injury. Marcum PC Law Firm is thoroughly familiar with these kinds of cases and is confident that we can retrieve a substantial settlement in any case where a client of ours has been victim to the recklessness or negligence of an individual or business.

At Marcum PC Law, based in Houston, TX, and Dallas, TX, our slip and fall injury compensation lawyers are equipped to assist clients seeking personal injury compensation in numerous ways, including but not limited to investigating, negotiating, and suing aggressively (if necessary).


As soon as you have been in an accident, you should first contact a lawyer. They will need to know all the relevant details about your injuries and who was responsible for the accident. This means sharing any medical information or other legal documentation like police or government reports is essential. Collecting different types of supporting evidence may be vital, including photographs taken by witnesses or video footage from a phone or security camera. Another type of evidence that can be helpful is testimony from witnesses in the form of a written account. A qualified slip and fall lawyer will have the knowledge on what kind of evidence will build a strong case for you.


After thoroughly investigating the accident and gathering all the evidence, your attorney will begin settlement negotiations with the responsible party’s insurance company. We often send a demand letter to the at-fault driver’s insurance company. If the insurer makes a settlement offer in response to this demand, your attorney will review the offer with you and advise on how to proceed. The first settlement offer is usually not the final offer from the insurance company and is almost certainly not going to be the best. However, this depends on the specific circumstances. It’s important to remember that your lawyer won’t agree to a settlement until they have a clear understanding of the extent of your injuries and other losses. This includes any future medical care you might need and how your injuries will impact your ability to work.

Most cases resolve at this point, and our clients often receive satisfactory compensation. Marcum PC Law Firm does an excellent job at building slip and fall injury claims that are hard to fault. However, if your attorney cannot reach a settlement agreement that you are happy with, the next step will be to file a lawsuit. Your slip and fall accident attorney will work diligently to get you the best possible outcome.

Litigation (if necessary)

A slip and fall attorney at Marcum PC Law Firm will file and serve a complaint to the defendant on your behalf. Soon after, a process called “discovery” will set the stage for trial. “Discovery” is a period during litigation where both sides exchange information and sometimes attempt to prevent the other side from using a particular piece of evidence. As the lawsuit progresses, negotiations for a settlement continue. In many instances, the case will never go to trial because an agreement will be reached before the scheduled date.

You deserve to be fairly compensated for your injuries, and we will do everything we can to ensure you get what you’re owed. Don’t let an insurance company or the defendant lowball you with an offer that doesn’t reflect the actual value of your case. With Marcum PC Law’s slip & fall liability lawyers on your team, we will ensure that you have enough compensation to pay for medical treatment and lost wages and punitive damages when appropriate. We will fight hard to build a strong case on your behalf and, if necessary, take the case to trial.

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