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Welcome To Marcum PC Law Firm In Houston & Dallas, TX

Our Mission And Goals: Marcum PC (MPC) is an outcome-oriented law firm. It provides fierce advocacy for its clients. The practice focuses on Business Litigation, Serious Personal Injury, Product Liability, Intellectual Property Litigation, and Construction Litigation. MPC develops a customized approach for every case, which can mean structuring an efficient resolution or a serious preparation for trial. Many cases are resolved before they get that far and MPC will work toward resolution with the client’s best interests in mind. MPC uses strategic tactics, consistent reporting, and adherence to litigation guidelines to achieve the best outcomes for its clients.

We seek to empower our clients with knowledge to make informed
decisions and strategic choices to achieve good outcomes. We are
committed to providing exceptional legal services and consistent
communication as the representation progresses.

Our Clients: Our clients include manufacturers, importers, energy companies, construction contractors, entrepreneurs, engineers, and architects. We represent businesses and individuals who help protecting their legal rights, their innovative ideas, and protecting themselves from legal liability. We
represent clients involved in arbitration and litigation.

Our Practice Areas

Civil Litigation

When legal disputes cannot be resolved outside of court, an experienced and knowledgeable civil litigation attorney is required. An expert litigation attorney who specializes in civil litigation can help navigate your case in court to reach a favorable outcome. At Marcum P.C., our firm is dedicated to upholding and protecting your legal rights.

Our firm will manage the entire process beginning with an assessment of your case. After the assessment, we’ll move through the process while check marking and completing all necessary steps that will eventually lead to the trial itself. Drafting pleadings, the discovery process, and pre-trial tasks are some of the matters that are part of assembling a successful civil litigation case. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Whether you need legal assistance with general liability litigation such as personal injury, or civil litigation dealing with commercial litigation, intellectual property law, and technology law – we have the resources, knowledge, and experience to represent your case from beginning to end.

From our offices in Houston and Dallas we handle state and federal court cases from the Red River to the Rio Grande.

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Client Testimonials

“I consider him one of the most honest lawyers, and one of the best legal minds I have ever dealt with. A great and loyal attorney!”

– A Satisfied Client

Blogs & Articles

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General Liability Litigation

At Marcum P.C., we have the in-depth knowledge and experience representing and defending clients in general liability litigation and civil litigation cases. Our general liability attorney has handled a variety of cases dealing with personal injury that have been successfully represented in and out of court. A skilled general liability attorney will focus on the best strategies to help meet their client’s expectations, goals, and needs.

When it comes to general liability litigation, it is vital to seek an attorney who will aggressively represent their client while correctly analyzing all issues and risks in their case. In order to successfully defend a client in litigation, the attorney must have their client’s best interest at hand through extensive investigation, research, and preparation.

Marcum P.C. also provides exceptional general liability defense. Our firm understands that to defend a client’s case successfully, the litigation process needs to move quickly and efficiently. Our clients are informed every step of the way to ensure that their legal needs are being met. Our team makes it a priority to understand our clients’ needs and objectives to deliver impressive results.

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Personal Injury

The risk of lawsuits has become quite prevalent in personal injury cases for a lot of businesses. Our firm handles our clients’ cases with extreme care because any legal action can negatively impact them. When it comes to personal injury, it is essential to seek an experienced litigator who will strategize a comprehensive plan that will deter risks and adverse results.

Marcum P.C. has extensive experience with general liability litigation. If you need legal assistance with a personal injury case in the Houston, TX or Dallas, TX area, contact our firm today. Our knowledgeable experienced litigators can help assess and discuss your case to find the best solution for your legal needs.

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When it comes to construction and real estate litigation, it is imperative to seek a litigation attorney with extensive experience in this area. Construction and real estate litigation can involve multiple issues such as foreclosures, commercial disputes, contract disputes, land zoning matters, title disputes, construction defect claims, and much more.

Construction and real estate litigation clients vary from real estate developers, owners, lenders, contractors, manufacturers, commercial landlords, tenants, and private entities. We assist our clients in all aspects of disputes, including litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Alternative dispute resolution allows legal issues to be handled outside of court through negotiations and mediation. If a solution or agreement can be made without going to court, the results can be highly beneficial to all parties involved. For instance, a lot of time and money can be saved, and the parties have more control over the process than if the court was involved. However, sometimes not all disputes can be resolved through an alternative dispute resolution, and litigation is the next step.

If an entity has a dispute that requires civil litigation or if an alternative dispute resolution could be possible, it is vital to enlist the legal assistance of a litigation attorney with construction and real estate litigation knowledge. At Marcum P.C., we assist various clients in the Houston, TX and Dallas, TX area. Inquire with MARCUM via email or phone to discuss your unique situation.

Intellectual Property And Technology Law

Intellectual property law involves four categories of protection:

If an individual or entity wants to protect their designs, artistic works, literary works, invention, proprietary formula, unique systems, logos, symbols, words, software, or applications, they can do so under the law. There are numerous civil litigation cases that involve intellectual property. These types of cases include infringement and misappropriation, and are best handled by an experienced civil litigation firm such as Marcum P.C.

Technology Law involves the use of technology in the private, public, and government domains. It includes cybersecurity, privacy laws, license agreements, and technology agreements. Clients with issues relating to technology, privacy, proprietary data, license and technology agreements, should seek the counsel of a skilled intellectual property and technology law attorney.

At Marcum P.C., we can assist clients with all aspects involving intellectual property and technology law. Inquire with MARCUM via email or phone to discuss your unique situation.

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