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Marcum PC Law Firm

Welcome to Marcum PC Law Firm in Houston, TX – A Top Civil and General Liability Litigation Firm

Every day, people commit acts of negligence, breach contracts, cause serious injury, sell faulty products, and steal nontangible things from other people or companies. While the police might not arrest these people and prosecutors might never charge them with a crime, there are, nevertheless, still ways to hold them accountable for what they have done or, in some cases, have not done. That’s where civil litigation and general liability litigation come into play.

Marcum PC Law Firm brings exceptional, outcome-oriented legal services to businesses and individuals in and around Houston, Texas, with a focus on civil litigation, business litigation, serious personal injury, product liability, intellectual property (IP) litigation, and construction litigation. At Marcum PC (MPC), our legal team employs customized approaches, strategic tactics, consistent reporting, and a strict adherence to litigation guidelines to secure the best outcomes for our clients.

Whether your case can be efficiently resolved or needs to be aggressively prepared for trail, we have the skills and resources you need to hold someone accountable through litigation or protect yourself from liability. Ranked amongst Houston’s best commercial litigation lawyers and law firms, principal attorney Gregory Marcum and Marcum PC Law Firm put 20 years of experience litigating matters in both State and Federal Courts throughout Texas toward helping you reach your litigation goals.

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Civil Litigation

Litigation often ensues when disputing parties are no longer capable or willing to negotiate with each other, even in the presence of attorneys. If your legal dispute cannot be resolved outside of court, our experienced and knowledgeable litigation lawyers are here to help you navigate your case and reach a favorable outcome. Beginning with an initial assessment of your case, Marcum PC will help you manage the entire legal process leading up to the trial itself, including drafting pleadings and handling the discovery.

Whether your case involves commercial litigation, intellectual property law, technology law, or employment disputes, you can be sure Marcum PC has the resources and the experience needed to help your case in and out of the courtroom. We represent both individuals and companies that are being sued or that are interested in bringing a lawsuit against another entity. If you become involved in any type of lawsuit, our litigation attorney can provide you with guidance, aggressive advocacy, and invaluable counsel.

Our trusted civil litigation attorney Gregory Marcum has extensive experience assembling successful civil litigation cases and will be with you every step of the way—that's just part of our commitment to upholding and protecting your legal rights.

General Liability Litigation

Our general liability litigation attorneys at Marcum PC have in-depth knowledge and decades of combined experience representing and defending clients in a variety of cases dealing with serious personal injuries, product liability, accidental or wrongful death, construction defects, and automobile collisions. It’s critical to consult with an attorney who understands liability laws and who can analyze the value and risks associated with a claim before deciding to move forward. At Marcum PC, our attorneys can help you build a strong case and litigate the matter in court.

Whether you’ve been injured by someone else’s negligence or you’re trying to defend yourself against liability, our State and Federal Courts litigation attorneys will customize aggressive strategies to meet your expectations and your needs. We perform our own extensive investigation into the accident that caused the serious injury or death and prepare all cases as if they’re going to trial in order to secure you the maximum compensation you deserve as quickly and efficiently as possible. In everything we do, we keep you best interest in mind and strive to deliver impressive results to you.

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MPC Is Here for You – Your Legal Needs Are Our Priority

Marcum PC Law Firm represents both businesses and individuals who need assistance protecting their legal rights or their innovative ideas or defending themselves from legal liability. Whether you’re a manufacturer, an importer, the head of an energy company, a construction contractor, an entrepreneur, an engineer, an architect, or any number of titles, our affordable top civil litigation attorney can capably represent you in arbitration or litigation matters.

When we work with clients, it's our goal to keep them informed every step of the way, empowering them to make informed decisions and strategic choices to achieve the best possible outcomes. That means consistent and transparent communication to build trust in our firm.

We’ve developed efficient strategies for dealing with litigation in State Courts, Federal Courts, and multi-district litigation matters. Our team of attorneys places great importance in helping you navigate the legal system while achieving your objective.

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Phone IconCall For A Consultation(713) 270-0097

Phone IconCall For A Consultation(713) 270-0097