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ADR Overview

Positioned in the global energy capital, we have handled a number of cases for multinational oil companies. Based on that experience, we tailor our services to clients’ needs by helping move certain cases towards alternative forms of dispute resolution, i.e. without litigation. This process is usually less formal, less expensive and less time-consuming than a trial. It can also give clients  a customized way of resolving a dispute in certain international forums.

Key benefits

  • Save time and money.

A dispute often can be settled or decided much sooner with alternative dispute resolution; often in a matter of months, even weeks, while bringing a lawsuit to trial can take a year or more.

  • Increase control.

In alternative dispute resolution parties typically play a greater role in shaping both the process and its outcome. In most processes, parties have more opportunity to communicate and find a solution, beneficial to all the parties. Some dispute resolution processes, such as mediation, allow the parties to fashion creative resolutions that are not available in a trial. Other processes, such as arbitration, allow the parties to choose an expert in a particular field to decide the dispute.

Marcum PC can help you to choose the most beneficial form of dispute resolution and settlement in the shortest period of time. Do not hesitate to contact us at any stage of the case.


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